Compositum ABS EX™

Compositum ABS EX™ - ABS materials are dedicated for industry and professional application in close chamber FDM 3D printers. ABS EX™ filaments are marked by excellent cohesion of layers and very low linear contraction (up to 0,4%). Thanks to it the difference in mechanical properties of the printed sample compared to the model produced by the injection method is only 8%. Additionally, ABS EX™ characterized by excellent machining processing: turning, milling, threading etc.
The ABS EX™ filament, as well as the entire Compositum filament family is characterized by a low emissions of volatiles and very low absorption of moisture, thanks to that, the moisture absorbing substance is no required. The strength tests performed on the printed samples represent real strength values of the material, obtained by FDM spatial printing.


While using ABS EX™ with open chamber 3d printers, it is recommended to use side panels to stabilize the print temperature and reduce thermal stress.


The leading application:



Recommended print settings:




Extrusion tolerance:

Material weight on the reel:
Available on request:

Sliding elements, guiding elements, components of functional prostheses, architectural models,  models requiring further machining and mechanical treatment - cutting, grinding, threading


Hot-End - 240-260°C
No print cooling fan
Hot-Bed– 90-120°C (COROPad), 100-120°C (C-Stick)


0.01 of the relative deviation of the cross-sectional area over the entire length
1.0 kg

On 2.5kg spools, on 4.0kg spools, in other color versions

We fill the cartridges for Stratasys 3D printers with the Compositum ABS EX™ filament


Recommended print settings:         
Hot-End - 240-260°C
No print cooling fan
Hot-Bed – 90-120°C (COROPad), 100-120°C (C-Stick)

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