About us

CORO Technology is a Polish producer of consumables for 3D printing. In 2016, CORO Technology started cooperation with MIFON Chemical, which resulted in a line of technical Compositum™ filaments. Together with MIFON Chemical, we are developing HFM Chemical Advanced Materials brand, which operates in area of researching plastics for the 3D printing, their production and industrial implementation of developed and manufactured materials. Production of Compositum™ filaments is based on materials manufactured exclusively for us, being the chemical work of the founder of MIFON Chemical and the main constructor of plastics for global’s chemical industry leader. The company's offer also includes a line of economic Design™ filaments and adhesion solutions which ensures perfect adhesion of the produced models to 3D printer work platform.
The company's product offer includes the following items:
    •    Compositum ABS EX™
    •    Compositum ABS ST™
    •    Compositum ABS AT™
    •    Compositum PCABS EH™
    •    Compositum FLEX MH™ 75A
    •    Compositum FLEX MH™ 80A
    •    Design PLA FL™
    •    Design PLA MT™
    •    COROPad™ Adhesive Pad
    •    COROPad™ Magnetic Flex System
    •    C-Stick™ Adhesive Atomizer