COROPad - Perfect 3D printing surface

COROPad is a specialistic adhesive pad for 3D printers operating in FDM/FFF technology. It creates perfect printing surface for most of currently available filaments. COROPad ensures correct adhesive first layer, that prevent the printouts from detaching. It works great with most commonly used materials, such as: ABS or PLA. High-temperature glue and correct stiffness of the pad allow a very simple implementation. All that needs to be done is to degrease the bed and stick the pad, all in total od 30 seconds.

It is available in 10 sizes and 5 colour options. COROPad's shape can be easily adjusted with only the use of scissors. Pads in shades of, gray, navy blue, purple and sea characterize with semi-transparency, so that bed is still visible.

Together with heated-bed, COROPad is the best possible solution for 3D printing in FDM/FFF technology.

  • Perfect for ABS, PLA, Laywood, Rubber filament.
  • Easy implementation onto the bed, thanks to proper stiffness (30s.).
  • Continuous work in high temperature.
  • Available in 5 colour options.
  • Available sizes: 100x100, 140x140, 165x165, 202x202, 165x255, 165x285, 202x255, 255x255, 300x300, 400x400.

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