We cooperate with companies from industrial sectors in the field of adaptation, commissioning and mechanical modifications of machines and devices. For this purpose, we also use additive technologies to reduce the weight of moving elements and ensure a very fast delivery time of components.


Range of services:

  • Cutting non-ferrous metal and steel profiles - cross-sections up to: fi170mm, square 170x170mm, rectangle 210x170mm
  • Laser cutting - max. 6000x2000mm - Aluminum max 12mm, Stainless steel max 20mm, Steel max 25mm
  • Surface treatment of profiles - brushing, polishing
  • Anodizing
  • Guillotine cutting
  • 3D design and modeling
  • 3D printing in the following technologies: SLS, DLP, FDM/FFF

Additionally, we cooperate with plants in the field of serial production of machining, plastic injection, steel galvanizing and powder painting shops. We also produce final details, which are prototypes of products enabling the construction and verification of the correctness of product assembly lines before launching mass production of injection molds for our clients - thus saving time to launch the project - allowing for the simultaneous construction of assembly stations/lines and the production of the injection mold.