Compositum Filament Series™ is line of filaments which are made from granulated substances developed especially for use in FDM spatial printing. Material changes have already been made at the monomer stage, which has resulted in materials with excellent mechanical, thermal and physical properties. At this time Compositum Filament Series™ include three variations of ABS material: ABS EX™, ABS ST™ and ABS AT™.


Practical advantages of Compositum Filament Series™ make them applicable in many areas of industry and professional activity. Compositum filaments are successfully used, among others, for:

  • manufacturing elements of production lines and spare parts of machines and devices,
  • prototyping car parts in automotive,
  • manufacturing untypical tools, handles and fixings in production departments,
  • manufacturing bases for sand casting molds,
  • manufacturing cases for electronic production,
  • manufacturing parts of cassettes,
  • manufacturing elements of hand prostheses,
  • manufacturing adapters for feeders in plastic industry,
  • manufacturing elements of mock-ups for architectural designs,
  • unitary and low-mass-produced manufacturing in furniture industry,
  • prototyping mechanical and electronic elements and units.

Compositum Filament Series
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