PLA MT™ - is a material based on PLA material, characterized by a matte surface of manufactured details. Just like all materials from the Design and Compositum series, PLA MT™ is embossed with a tolerance of cross-section deviation over the entire length of up to 0.01, which allows to obtain the perfect side surface and incredible print quality.


PLA MT™ is characterized by excellent cohesion of layers and incredible simplicity of printing. It is an ideal material for the production of architectural mock-ups and artistic applications. This material is available in two diameters: 1.75mm and 2.85mm. The palette of standard colors includes two versions: white and black.

The leading application:


Recommended print settings:



Extrusion tolerance:

Material weight on the reel:
Available on request:

Architectural models, Conceptual models, advertising gadgets


Hot-End - 190-210°C
Hot-Bed – 20-40°C (COROPad), 45-60°C (C-Stick)


0.01 of the relative deviation of the cross-sectional area over the entire length
1.0 kg

On 2.5kg spools, on 4.5kg spools, in other color versions